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Charles Porr, a Boston University junior, has sharpened his communication, persuasion, and legal research skills in order to succeed in a career in law. During his Winter intercession internship with Kaufman, Dolowich, and Voluck, a highly regarded New York law firm, he excelled in case law research and studied the intricacies of Director's & Officer's liability insurance. Through the internship, he became familiar with Westlaw and PACER research platforms. In July, he will return to the firm, as an intern, to bolster his legal education and strengthen his communication, persuasion, and research skills.

Charles also has a history of successfully leveraging social media to persuade audiences to contribute to charitable fundraisers. In high school, he received the Sean E. Whelan Scholarship for his charitable work for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. 

Charles has further developed his communication and persuasion skills by taking college coursework in communications, advertising, presentation, and design. In Spring 2024, he plans to explore the interaction between culture and communication by participating in Boston University’s Paris Study Abroad Program. During this time, Charles will expand his skills in a multicultural context, allowing him to communicate effectively and ethically in foreign environments.


Internship Experience

- Kaufman, Dolowich, and Voluck –


Gained an understanding of the legal liabilities of Directors & Officers, as well as the main coverage section of a D&O policy

Performed case law research and other analyses, resulting in an understanding of legal research techniques


- Boston University, Boston, MA -

AUGUST 2021 - MAY 2024

College of Communication (Bachelor of Science in Advertising)

Questrom School of Business (Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Extracurricular Activites

- Boston University Chi Phi Fraternity, Tau Zeta Chapter -


Chi Phi, Tau Zeta, is dedicated to serving the community through philanthropic ventures

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